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Uncompromising Standard

A work ethos that combines dependable, highly trained professionals with industry leading innovation and sanitisation is able to constantly strive and exceed client expectations within all manner of commercial settings.

We work in collaboration with you to understand your commercial space and unequivocally provide all of the options available so we can collaborate a better tailor-made service. We never compromise on quality no matter the plan or monetary agreement, that is very important to us as it is our reliable quality of service for which our clients have come to know us for.


Promoting a positive image of every business and commercial space our clients inhabit is invariably important to us, as it bolsters both our quality of service and provides a fresh and uncluttered system to which we strictly adhere.

Our cleaning systems offer an experience where there is virtually no interference with your daily operations or staff hours. This allows work to continue unmolested by waste, non-essential personnel working within your operating environment and any kind of distraction. Keeping your business or space running as you intend is of great priority to us as we facilitate our work hours around your schedule.

Tomorrow’s Quality Today

We have a great range of commercial cleaning services under one roof to offer you the most efficient and tailor made service possible. We know it is of great importance for a commercial space to be driven by customer relations and part of that relation is the image they have of their surroundings at first impression. That is why we offer complete cleaning packages tailor made to facilitate a full and professional experience which omits nothing and commits to rigorous quality control instead because in part, that is what it takes to create great first impressions for a commercial space.

We provide services to:

  • Multi-level Buildings
  • Large Foyer Spaces
  • Large and Small Offices
  • Body Corporate Buildings
  • Body Corporate Areas
  • Maintenance of Common areas/squares Interior and Exterior
  • Shopping Centers, Malls and Arcades
  • Public & Private Carparks

To accomplish these tasks we use state of the art equipment and research systems and techniques to constantly stay ahead of new architecture and new materials in building so that we provide the appropriate service for the technical specifications of new materials and designed spaces.

Some of the services we provide:

  • Modern Sustainable and Biodegradable Cleaning Products and Substrates
  • Modern Techniques
  • Modern Industrial Machinery for Large Scale Work
  • Specific Products for Specific Finishes (Modern & Vintage)
  • Abseiling High Rise Window Cleaning
  • Large Scale Interior and Exterior Glass Cleaning
  • Floor Restoration & Sealing
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Waste Removal
  • Industrial Degreasing
  • High Pressure Cleaning
  • Industrial Polishing
  • Power Sweeping Machines (ride on)
  • Efficacy of Long Term Employees

Complete Office Cleaning

Our office cleaning team of Cleandustrians is dedicated and well versed in the daily operations of a busy office. In that regard our cleaner’s exercise a strict noninterference ethos within your office space so that the daily operations of the space and of the staff go on without distraction. To that end we tidy before or after hours and whenever is convenient for you.

We offer complete office packages and work closely with you to create a plan to suit every need for your busy office space. We know how demanding a clean and sanitized office can be and make sure to exceed your expectations with our every clean.

Types of Office cleaning offered:

  • Steam Cleaning Carpet
  • Professional Glass Cleaning
  • Full Sanitisation of Bathrooms
  • Kitchen Cleaning and Sanitisation
  • Kitchen Appliance Cleaning
  • Whisper Quiet Vacuum Cleaning Large Carpeted/non Carpeted Spaces
  • High Pressure Cleaning
  • Air Pollution Management
  • Venetian Blinds Cleaning
  • Detailed Spring Cleaning
  • Floor Polishing and Sealing
  • Floor Restoration
  • Modern Sustainable and Biodegradable Cleaning Products and Substrates
  • Specific Products for Specific Finishes (Modern & Vintage)
  • General Cleaning

Using an extensive range of cleaning products and substrates, we work as closely as we can with biodegradable green products and material specific substrates to leave a minimal carbon footprint and use only essential chemicals when need be. We take air quality very seriously and help to create a space devoid of smells and harmful air pollutants.

Maintenance Cleaning

We believe a large part of commercial success is before potential clients even meet you, people perceive your inner business from the first thing that comes into their field of view and that is the state of the exterior.

The maintenance of external areas is an art of itself, from maintaining a lush and compositional garden to servicing large car parking and industrial degreasing we have all the options for you.


  • Maintenance of exterior areas
  • Builders clean
  • Vocational clean
  • Full Garden maintenance
  • Tree pruning and sprucing
  • Power sweeping
  • Exterior & interior Car park area maintenance
  • Exterior high pressure cleaning
  • Exterior degreasing & mark removal.

Full Range of Professional Window cleaning

  • Abseiling highrise window cleaning
  • Interior & exterior window cleaning
  • Pole system window cleaning
  • Modern glass cleaning products
  • Modern glass cleaning techniques


One of the most important aspect of our business and what facilitates the high level of workmanship in everything we do is our dear staff. We do extensive background checks and verify our staff to a high degree and then train them in every aspect of industrial cleaning to a state where they become ambiguous and autonomous in their work and always strive to surprise us and our clients.

  • Long term employees
  • High level Professional base training
  • Monthly refresher course on new techniques and materials
  • Police checked and verified
  • Security conscious staff
  • Ethical workmanship
  • Incredibly knowledgeable about all facets of cleaning
  • Ambiguous and autonomous thinking

Trusted Partners

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