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Commercial Cleaners Melbourne

Cleandustry has been making Melbourne shine within the commercial cleaning industry for over 25 years. We have been busy finding solutions for Melbourne businesses and households of all shapes and sizes by finding the right commercial cleaners at the right prices. We pride ourselves on working with you to create a custom package that you actually need at a competitive price with which you are comfortable.

Why Commercial Cleaning?

First impressions are key. When a business owner wants to present their business as being professional, thorough and precise with their work, they must start at the very first thing a potential client sees. The cleanliness of a building inside and out is a very important first step to proving to clientele that the business operations reflect the clean surroundings they inhabit. Just as having guests or children inside of your home, the safety and cleanliness of the surrounds reflects the people who reside within.


We cater complete packages to corporate offices


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We use modern techniques and principals for a cleaner environment


Take control of pollution and find out how to become environmentally friendly

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We take pride in the small things and deliver services based on what is important to you

The Small Things

Minute details make your work space a comfortable environment

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Out with the old. In with the new Cleandustry

Cleaning large corporate spaces and households alike, we have noticed that some spaces are opted to be cleaned by staff or residents. Although we all clean up after ourselves one way or another, the cleaning duties involved to tackle large areas and a myriad of different surfaces can be backbreaking. Staff that work inside professional environments dislike the monotony of cleaning work spaces as this does not relate to the job for which they have been hired and leads to tiredness and stress. Professional cleaners are specially trained to employ a wide variety of tools, products and techniques to make the job a breeze and usually spend much less time than having staff or homeowners clean spaces with rudimentary tools. Home owners and businesses can always rely on a professionally cleaned space as the people who worked on bringing the cleanliness to a high level make it their personal work to provide the very best.


Flexible Commercial Cleaning

Offering our knowhow and expertise is one of our strengths. We create quotes and packages which suit you by your vision, materials and size of space to be cleaned instead of a generic view of cleaning. This helps us to create a unique standard for your premises alone as we understand that all things considered, generic practices are not finely tuned enough to new materials and a growing and thriving custom world.

Clean at any stage

Cleaning doesn’t always begin as a maintenance objective, therefore we have solutions for developments at any stage like builders cleaning, vacate cleaning, initial cleaning of a new premises, site management and waste removal. We also cater for short notice cleaning so to accommodate functions, work parties and events. We do one time cleaning for special events and weddings. We can work with any intended managing professional to cater for special nights so you don’t have to think about clean-up. Cleaning to suit all industry levels is our specialty so feel free to ask no matter what the intended level of management you need!

Our Core Values

Staff security

Finding the right person for the right job is very important to us. That is why we have a rigorous vetting program to ensure all cleaners must have experience, reliability, honesty, pride in their work and positivity. All of our staff are police checked and documented. On another note, respect is something that is very important to us and so the honestly of paying our commercial cleaners with industry level rates is vital in maintaining good moral. We are happy to say, this ensures that our commercial cleaners know that respect is a two way street and we are all happy to be a part of the same team!

Completely Tailor Made Experience

Materials and Cleaning Products

Massive windows? Special carpet? High gloss finish parquetry? Finding solutions to clean a wide variety of materials is our specialty. We have modern industry level tools to take good care of any material which we encounter just as we have the cleaning products to cater for any type of waste.  Offering no chemical clean to household clients is a big thing right now as it makes your environment safe for children due to having no harmful chemicals or allergens within the products used. So you can feel safe knowing your family is protected inside your home as it becomes a chemical free zone. The same is possible for large corporate spaces and offices.


Knowing that your premises needs certain consumables for everyday use and maintenance, we deliver items as part of our service so you never need to source them yourselves. We provide a full range including toilet paper, hand towels and tissues, liquid soaps, air fresheners and fragrances to cleaning tools and maintenance items to keep your space equipped at all times.


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